Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happenings around the house

It has been very hot here lately! But within the next couple days it is supposed to start cooling down! By cooling down I mean higher 80's lower 90's :) I know to some of you, you are thinking cooling down.
But when you have had 100's nonstop for a few months then we are looking forward to the cooler temps!!

We are not going to be planting a fall garden this year, since it has been so hot. We are planning on taking everything out of the garden and tilling it for next year! Hopefully next year will be a better success!!

Today we are getting 50 meat chicks! They will be ready to butcher at the end of October beginning of November!! YUM YUM!! Healthy chicken is the best!!

Yesterday was the first day that we have started getting eggs from our chickens!! They are so cute and little at the start! It was so exciting to find them!

Your blogging friend,


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Busy Week

Here are some of the things we have been busy with for the past couple weeks:

Last Saturday my sister Abigail and her husband and baby James came over for a visit! We had a very nice time with them! We celebrated four different birthdays so we had icecream cake and she made Susanna and Joanna some cute aprons and she bought Eliana some art supplies. They spent the night in Edmond, OK and then went to church the next day with us. James is growing up soooo fast! He is almost walking!

On Saturday night we went and heard the Cole Family sing and play! They are a bluegrass band. The music was very nice.

On Sunday at 6:15am my niece was born. Her name is Raelynn Marie Sawyer. She weighed 7lbs and 5oz. They live in Philadelphia, PA so we won't be able to see them anytime soon :( Mom is going to fly out there on Saturday and spend a week with them!

Other news:

Our corn didn't pollinate correctly since it is too hot so we won't be getting much sweet corn this year :( We were all looking forward to having sweet corn.

At the end of the month we are getting 50 meat chicks. We are going to be busy getting a brooder ready for them.

Your blogging friend,