Friday, September 23, 2011

What we did...

a couple weekends ago... We went to a Septemberfest at the History Museum in OKC. Everything was free. Some of the things that we did was crafts, learning how to rope a calf head, seeing a live skunk, a man had a rope and he would rope the younger ones. They really enjoyed that. There was also farm animals there that we were able to pet. We also listened to a couple of men play music.

The skunk

JoJo learning how to rope!

Here is Gabriel getting roped!

Eliana, JoJo and Gabriel by a longhorn cow

Men playing music

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Update on the farm

We have been pretty busy lately.....

We moved half of the broiler chicks out to a pen on the pasture. They are enjoying being outside and enjoying the grass. It is amazing how fast broiler chicks grow! The other half are still in the barn. My uncle came down and helped us get the other pen critter proof so they will be out within the next couple days!!

We have started getting eggs from our layers! We are getting about 5 a day now and we have 12 hens so we should start getting more soon. It is so nice to have fresh farm eggs! My little sister and brother enjoy gathering the eggs. They always try to see who could be the first one out there to get the eggs!

I remember when I was about 5 or 6 I started praying that we could have some chickens, so we ended up moving to a property that we could have chickens. I think we got 12 hens and a rooster and it was my responsibility each day to take care of them. I remember when the first egg was laid, it was sooo exciting. So now I enjoy seeing my younger siblings getting the eggs and the excitement that goes with it!

We ended up pulling quite a bit of the garden up because it wasn't growing and producing much because of the heat. The only thing that we do have is peppers. They did really good this year despite the heat which is amazing. So we are still getting peppers but that is the only thing. We are not going to do a fall garden this year. We are going to get the soil tilled and get it ready for next year.

We have been letting the turkeys free range. They are really enjoying it. It is so funny to watch them because they all stay together. In about 5 weeks they are going to be in the freezer.
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Our newest addition....

to the farm. We got a Siamese kitten on Saturday! We named him Simon Boots. He is about 3 or 4 months old. He has a very cute personality.


Being Playful
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