Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fun at Frontier City

We had a lot of fun at Frontier City on Sunday! Dad took us older ones on the wild rides like the roller coasters, etc.! Dad didn't ride. Mom took the younger ones and did the little rides. Everyone had a blast! It was the first time that any of us children had been at a amusement park.

Enjoy the pictures!

Rebekah and Lydia

We all rode this train including Mom and Dad!

Rebekah and I

Rebekah, Lydia, Susanna and I rode the Ferris Wheel

This was a very bumpy roller coaster. This one is The Silver Bullet.

This one was our favorite roller coaster. It was called The Steel Lasso.

This was the first rollercoaster that we did.

JoJo and Gabriel doing a boat ride!



Eliana and JoJo

A playground

The little kids rollercoaster!

Enjoy the pictures!!





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